Mobile Suit Pilots (Main Characters)
Lt. Rick Mihria
Rick Mihria
Rick is the star of the comic. He currently pilots an RX-178 Gundam Mark-II.

Rick graduated from the military academy with high ranks in his class. He was stationed at a base that saw moderate action against the forces of Zeon, and in short order landed himself as pilot of a Gundam unit. While an excelent pilot, Rick is a 'good little soldier' and has an unfortunate habit of following nearly any order without thinking it all the way through, though as of late he questions some but does it anyway.

Ensign James Reese
Jim Reese
Jim is Rick's wingman, and currently pilots an RGM-79C GM Kai.

Jim never graduated from military academy, but for unknown reasons was allowed to become a pilot anyhow. Eventually his actions would allow him to formally become a soldier. Jim is a decent pilot in his own right, and his budding skills are getting better every sortie he flies. He diligently writes his parents in Side 2 every night on his actions as if it were some type of diary.

Jr. Lt. Steve Kohin
Steve Kohin
Steve is Rick's Zeonic rival, and was last seen piloting an AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra.

Steve and Rick grew up together, and were always rivals in every way. When Rick went of to the Federation academy, Steve would not be outdone and joined the Zeon cause, despite being raised most of his life on Earth. Steve often challenges Rick in his MS, and gets the upper hand on many occasions. Ultimately, however, he has never managed to beat him, and has almost died several times to his obsession.

Com. Danielle Starr
A commander piloting an MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

Danielle puts an entirely new meaning to Passive/Agressive disorders. Though she is kind and doens't like to fight much, when she is over-come with battle stress, she changes over to her violent masculin alter-ego Daniel, becoming much more stoic and violent. Dan is an incredibly skilled pilot no matter the situation, and is seriously concerned for any troops under her command... at least until she reverts.

Minor Characters
The Captain
The Captain of the Valiant.

What's more to say? He calls the shots. The Captain has little problem with sending his troops on suicide missions. Also, he enjoys heckling Rick, though he does recognize him as the good pilot he is. He is quick to anger, and is especially proud of his thick head of hair. When it is in trouble or made fun of, you will be confronted with his true wrath.